Guilds and Organisations with Burial Grounds in Brookwood Cemetery

The London Necropolis Company encouraged guilds, organisations, companies, and similar communities to use Brookwood Cemetery as a burial ground, so that those who Tata family mausoleums in the Parsee section of Brookwood Cemeteryhad been united in life would not be separated in death.

The Tata family mausoleums in the Parsee section.

In virtually all cases separate grounds were allotted and laid out for these groups; the exceptions are where it has not been possible to locate these areas in the Cemetery, if indeed they were ever separate to the rest of the Cemetery.

The Brookwood Cemetery Society organises guided walks during the course of the year, some of which feature some of these areas.

Some Guilds & Organisations Represented at Brookwood Cemetery

Name of Group using Brookwood                                                              
Ancient Order of Foresters  
Brookwood Hospital (Surrey County LunaticAsylum)
Corps of Commissionaires 
Dramatic, Equestrian & Musical Sick Fund (Actors'Acre)
London & South Western  Railway
Order of Reparation
Parsees (Zoroastrians)                          
Royal Hospital Chelsea 
St Josephs Hospital

Sisterhood of St John 
Southern Railway


June 1863 - c1920?
c1865 - c1910?
c1867 - c1965?
c1860 - present
June 1858 - c1940
c1860 - 1923
October 1861 - c1920?
c1885? - c1920?
November 1862 - present
1894 - present
c1885? - ?
1872 - ?
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