Dugald Drummond (1840-1912)  
  Dugald Drummond (1840-1912)

Dugald DrummondLocomotive engineer, latterly to the London & South Western Railway. For many years his 0-4-4 "M7" tank engines hauled the funeral trains into Brookwood Cemetery.

Drummond's grave was fully restored by Co-operative Funeral Services in 1994-5, after being approached jointly by the South Western Circle (a group devoted to the history of the London & South Western Railway) and the Society. The South Western Circle originally launched an appeal for funds to restore the memorial. The call was answered by the (then) Co-op's Public Affairs Manager, Geoffrey Simpson, who offered to arrange to have the cleaning and restoration work undertaken. This work was completed by Christmas 1994. Subsequently a short service , 29 April of re-dedication was arranged at the graveside. This took place on Saturday 29 April 1995 and was attended by two of Drummond's grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandson!

Other interested groups were also represented including the Brookwood Cemetery Society, the Caledonian Railway Society, Co-operative Funeral Services, the Drummond Locomotive Society, the South Western Circle, and the Woking Homes. Drummond is buried in plot 38.

Photographs © The Brookwood Cemetery Society and John Clarke

Dugald Drummond's grave after the service of re-dedication, 29 April 1995


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