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The Brookwood ExpressThe Brookwood Express is the name of Society's newsletter. It is currently produced as an A4 size pamphlet containing eight pages of news and articles about the cemetery.

The Brookwood Express is published four times a year and is sent out to all members of the Society. If you would like to subscribe, please complete and return our membership application form.

Issue 90 (November 2012) of The Brookwood Express has now been circulated to members.

This issue includes the story of Sir William Henry Power, epidemiologist; the third instalment of our celebration of 20 years of the Brookwood Cemetery Society describing the Society's work and achievements over the past 20 years. The issue also includes details our forthcoming guided walks; notes on the funeral of locomotive engineer Dugald Drummond, and the CWGC Open Days in the Military Cemetery.

You can download a complete issue here (issue No. 75, dated February 2009). The file size is 4.8MB so it may take a few minutes to download.

Alternatively please write to our contact address on our homepage requesting a sample copy.

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