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Memorial to Peter McClelland in the Catholic sectionThe Brookwood Cemetery Society was established in April 1992. It works to promote a wider interest in the Cemetery, which the Society believes should be regarded as a site of national importance. Moreover the cemetery has the potential to become a World Heritage site.

Memorial to Peter McClelland in the Catholic section

The Brookwood Cemetery Society seeks to ensure the long-term future of Brookwood Cemetery. It assists with maintenance, clearance and restoration work; it works to ensure the cemetery remains a valuable haven for flora and fauna; and it helps relatives locate graves in the cemetery.

The Brookwood Cemetery Society organises a regular programme of events:

  • regular guided walks of the cemetery grounds
  • clearance and working groups in the cemetery
  • lectures by visiting speakers

The Brookwood Cemetery Society also sells a wide range of publications on the cemetery (members may order publications post free), and produces a quarterly newsletter - The Brookwood Express - which is circulated to all members. 

If you would like to join The Brookwood Cemetery Society, please print out and complete our application for membership form.

If you would like to find out more, please contact:

Margaret Hobbs
75 Ranelagh Crescent

Tel. 01344 891041

Photograph Anthony Montan

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